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TrojanLITE Noise Nuisance Recorder

TrojanLITE Noise Nuisance Recorder


Designed to meet the needs of Housing Associations and anyone who needs to measure, monitor and record noise nuisance, the TrojanLITE Noise Nuisance Recorder is both simple to use and easy to deploy.


After consultation with existing customers and users of noise nuisance recorders, Cirrus has included a range of standard features to help ensure you get the best from the equipment. On the following pages, you’ll find details of how these features can help you make effective noise nuisance measurements and recordings, as well as how the TrojanLITE can help make the most of your investment.

  • Capture data on the level and frequency of noise complaints
  • Record audio to ascertain what is really going on
  • No acoustic understanding required to set-up and deploy
  • Easy to download and analyse data to generate reports as evidence
  • Help you determine actionable noise complaints
  • Product Info

    Quick, simple and easy to set up

    When you are deploying a noise nuisance recorder, it’s vital to know that you’ll get good quality recordings and noise measurement data. With the TrojanLITE, there’s no need for step-by-step instructions. Just plug in, calibrate and you’re ready to go. If you forget to press start, the instrument will automatically start measuring after 10 minutes. The TrojanLITE is preset to measure 24 hour blocks of data, making it easier for you to find the problem areas and listen to the recordings that have been made.


    Wireless remote control

    It may seem a simple thing, but having a wireless remote control was the most common request that came out of our research. If your user has limited mobility or if the noise nuisance recorder is placed in a different room, being able to start and stop the kit without having to run back to the box can be very useful. It can often be the difference between getting a useful, good quality recording and no recording at all. The TrojanLITE is supplied with one remote control and we can supply additional units if you need to replace or add more.


    High quality, high resolution audio recording

    The standard audio recording on the TrojanLITE uses a 16bit/16kHz uncompressed WAV file. This gives you plenty of frequency range (up to 8kHz) and a wide dynamic range (up to 96dB), so your audio recordings can handle both high and low levels with no loss of quality. This is vital if you want to capture both low levels at night and higher levels during the day (such as doors banging or music playing) and be able to clearly identify what was the source of the noise. There’s no risk of overload or under-range in your measurements or audio recordings.


    Fixed cables

    Once the case is locked, the power cable and microphone cable are fixed. This means there’s no risk of the cables being pulled out either accidentally or deliberately. The worst thing that can happen is that the power cable is pulled out just after you’ve left, meaning that you only get a few hours’ data until the batteries go flat. The TrojanLITE avoids these issues whilst maintaining the ease of use demanded by our customers.


    4GB memory

    Each TrojanLITE is supplied with a 4GB memory as standard. We don’t use removable memory cards as there’s a risk that they can be lost, corrupted or damaged. The quality of memory cards also varies hugely and with a growing market in fake memory cards you may not get what you pay for. With the TrojanLITE you can also guarantee the chain of data from the instrument to the software. A useful feature if you need to present measurements and recordings as evidence.


    Pre & Post Trigger options 

    The pre and post trigger times for the audio recording are fixed at 20 seconds. Both of these can be disabled if your procedures require it but you get full control over what suits you best.


    Licence-free software

    The NoiseTools software is supplied, as standard, free of charge and without any installation or licencing restrictions. You are free to install the software onto as many desktops, laptops or servers as you need and there’s no extra cost. Updates are free of charge as well so there’s no on-going cost with the software.


    15-Year Warranty

    All of our noise measurement equipment is backed by our 15-Year ‘No Quibble’ Warranty. Each time your instrument is calibrated by us, we’ll extend the warranty by a further 12 months up to a maximum of 15 years.


    Designed, Manufactured & Supported in the UK

    The TrojanLITE has been designed and manufactured by Cirrus at our factory in North Yorkshire, from where we provide the support, training and backup direct to our customers. This means that if you have any questions, you can speak to the team who designed the TrojanLITE, as well as having direct access to your sales consultants as and when needed.


    Automatic restart after power failure

    The TrojanLITE is designed to be mains powered (with secure cables) but it will switch to it’s own internal batteries if the mains power is lost. What’s important is that when the power is restored, your noise nuisance recorder will start up again and continue to operate. The TrojanLITE will automatically restart when the mains power is restored even if it’s internal batteries are flat.

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    We aim to Delivery products with you within 4 weeks of receipt of order. However, in exceptional circumstances delivery may be up to 6 weeks due to manufacturer lead times. Please inform us if you require fast delivery as we will do our utmost to expedite your order.

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    Please contact us directly to discuss quantity purchases and additional discounts.  We will subsequently provide you with a formal quote with the applied discount, which will be valid for 30 days 

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    Many of the products you have seen are available for hire, so feel free to contact us if you would prefer to hire this instrument.

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