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Turnkey Dustmate Airborne Particulate Monitor

Turnkey Dustmate Handheld Dust



DustMate - Hand-held Direct Reading Fume and Dust Detector

DustMate is a hand-held instrument with a very fast response which has been designed to locate sources of workplace airborne dust and fumes even at very low concentrations.


Highly effective for checking air quality within buildings. Its one second time resolution also allows it to be used as a road-side indicator to identify high pollution vehicles as they pass.


The instrument will continuously indicate the concentration of thoracic, inhalable and respirable particles down to 0.1 micro grams per cubic metre. In its environmental mode, it will indicate TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 concentrations.

Product Information

  • DustMate is a hand-held detector ideal for short term sampling.

  • Highly effective for monitoring air quality within buildings and clean rooms.

  • It measures TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 simultaneously in real time. Data can then be transferred to a PC via PC-Link.


  • Detector Turnkey laser nephelometer

  • Environmental mode TSP, PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0

  • Workplace mode Inhalable, thoracic, respirable

  • Measurement range: (0-6000) micrograms per cubic metre

  • Detection limit 0.01 micrograms per cubic metre

  • Indicator range: (0-60)mg/m3 without particle sizing

  • Particle size range (0.5-20) micron diameter

  • Particle counting mode Three size channels in particle per cc

  • Flow rate 600cc per minutе

  • Data storage Internal with separate battery backup 32k byte

  • Averaging period 1 second to 4 hours

  • RS232 I/O 9600 baud via PC-link

  • Telemetry I/O 1200 baud opto isolated

Comes With

  • Dustmate

  • Peli Carrying Case

  • Charger

  • Battery Pack

  • PC Link

  • Zero Filter

  • Spare Filters 

  • Allen Key

  • Operating Instructions

  • TSP Head

  • AirQ CD

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