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Ground Gas Monitors

The monitoring and assessment of ground gas require specific instrumentation with the ability to measure gas components as well as flow and pressure. As such, the GFM 436 is designed with this in mind enabling you to carry out site investigations to achieve compliance with:

  • BS8576 - Guidance on investigations for ground gas – permanent gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

  • BS8485 - Code of Practice for the characterisation and remediation from ground gas in affected developments Dec 2007

  • ​CIRIA  C665- Assessing Risks posed by hazardous ground gases to buildings 2007

  • CIRIA C716 - Remediating and mitigating risks from Volatile organic compound (VOC) vapours from land affected by contamination

  • NHBC - Guidance on evaluation of development proposals on sites where methane and carbon Dioxide are present Report No 10627- RO1 (04) January 2007 

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