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MultiRae Benzene Multigas Monitor

MultiRae Benzene Multigas Monitor
MultiRae Benzene



The MultiRAE Benzene monitor combines the ability to make quick benzene-specific assessment (“snapshot”) measurements with the advantages of a versatile multi-gas monitor that can support approximately 20 intelligent interchangeable sensor options.


Its optional wireless capability improves safety by providing real-time access to instrument readings and alarm status from any location, which delivers better situational awareness and faster incident response in a wide range of different applications.

Product Information


  • Optional integrated wireless

  • Snapshot Benzene specific measurement capability

  • 20 field-interchangeable sensor options, including PID, LEL, and exotics like ammonia, chlorine, and formaldehyde

  • Five local and remote alarms, including man down

  • Dust-tight and waterproof (IP65-rated)

  • Rugged design

  • Long battery run-time

  • Intuitive, icon-driven interface

  • Flip-able screen

  • Large buttons for easy navigation even with up to three glove layers

  • Continuous data logging — six months for five sensors 24/7

  • Fully automated bump testing and calibration with AutoRAE 2


Pumped (1 to 6 gases)

Diffusive (1 to 6 gases)

Wireless or Non-Wireless 

​Sensor Options:​

  • VOC/PID 9.8eV with Benzene Snapshot

  • Catalytic LEL

  • Ammonia (NH3)

  • Carbon Monoxide (C

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO), Ext. Range

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO), H2-compensated

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) + Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Combo

  • Chlorine (Cl2)

  • Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)

  • Ethylene Oxide (EtO)

  • Formaldehyde (HCHO)

  • Hydrogen (H2)

  • Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)

  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Ext. Range

  • Methyl Mercaptan (CH3-SH)

  • Nitric Oxide (NO)

  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

  • Oxygen (O2)

  • Phosphine (PH3)

  • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)

Comes With

  • MultiRAE Benzene monitor with sensors, battery and wireless option as specified

  • Protective RED rubber boot and filter(s) installed

  • Continuous datalogging (6 months for 5 sensors @ 1-minute intervals)

  • Travel charger / PC communication adaptor

  • PC Communication cable

  • AC Adaptor

  • Calibration Adaptor

  • Alkaline battery adaptor

  • Hex Tool

  • Quick Start Guide

  • CD with documentation

  • ProRAE Studio II Instrument Configuration & Data Management Software

  • Calibration & Test Certificate

  • Warranty/Registration Card

  • Built-in Pump

  • Belt Clip installed

  • 3 spare external filters

  • 10 Charcoal VOC filters for CO Sensors

  • PID Sensor cap removal tool

  • 1 Cartridge for Benzene specific measurement (does 6 measurements)

  • Hard Transport case with custom foam

  • Remote Sample Draw Kit (includes the following)

  • 10" aluminum sample probe with replacement filters

  • 3 hydrophobic barrier filters

  • 10' self-coiling Teflon® tubing w/ Luer-style quick-connect fitting

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