Turnkey Technologies AirQWeb - Web-Based Dust Monitoring

Turnkey Technologies AirQWeb - Web-Based Dust Monitoring


AirQWeb - Web-Based Dust Monitoring

AirQWeb is a web-based interface to our range of dust monitors. For internet-connected Topasand Osiris instruments, the server at airqweb.co.uk can automatically connect to and monitor instruments.


Dust sample data is stored securely at the airqweb.co.uk site and can be searched and viewed there. The data can be displayed in variety of graph formats, as well as on a map by instrument location. Reports can be prepared, and data exported in convenient formats. It is also possible to control the instruments – start & stop sampling, change settings and set alerts.


To use AirQWeb, you'll need a Topas or Osiris monitor running with a Turnkey Web Server. You can then register