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CK:110A/3 doseBadge Measurement Kit with 3 doseBadges

CK:110A/3 doseBadge Measurement Kit with 3 doseBadges


doseBadge Measurement Kits

The doseBadge measurement kits are available with various quantities of doseBadges as well as all of the items needed for occupational and industrial hygiene noise measurements.


Each kit contains the doseBadges along with a Reader Unit, Chargers, Power Supply, Mounting Kits, Software, User Manuals, USB Cable, Certificates of Calibration and Batteries for the Reader Unit.

The measurement kits can be expanded with additional doseBadges and charger units as required. These can be either standard CR:110A doseBadges or the Intrinsically Safe CR:110AIS.


Optional items can be added to enhance the operation and use of the doseBadge Measurement Kit.


  • Product Info

    Robust aluminium case protects your equipment during transport & storage

    • Contains all of the components of the doseBadge system
      • Individual doseBadges
      • Reader Unit
      • Charger & Power Supply
      • Cables
      • Software, User Manuals & Certificates of Calibration
      • Optional accessories
    • Suitable for all versions of the doseBadge (CR:110A, CR:110A/BLK, CR:110AIS & CR:112AIS)


    Space for an Optimus Sound Level Meters & Acoustic Calibrator

    The standard kit case that supplied with the doseBadge has space for 5 individual doseBadge noise dosimeters along with all of the standard accessories.


    In the case, there is also space for an Optimus Sound Level Meter, an Acoustic Calibrator and a Windshield. This allows the doseBadge kit to be expanded into a Safety Officers Noise Kit which provides a complete noise measurement and monitoring solution.


    Option of space for up to 10 doseBadge

    Where required, the doseBadge Kits can be ordered with space for up to 10 individual doseBadges. In this case, there is no space for an Optimus Sound Level Meter.

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  • Quantity Orders

    Please contact us directly to discuss quantity purchases and additional discounts.  We will subsequently provide you with a formal quote with the applied discount, which will be valid for 30 days 

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