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Cirrus Environmental Noise Kits for the Optimus Sound Level Meters

Cirrus Environmental Noise Kits for the Optimus Sound Level Meters


CK:680 Environmental Noise Kit with 3G/GPRS & GPS location data

The CK:680 outdoor noise kit is suitable for use with the optimus green sound level meters and provides you with a complete outdoor noise measurement solution for environmental and community noise monitoring.


Protection for your sound level meter & microphone

The CK:680 outdoor noise kit has been designed to protect the sound level meter and the microphone capsule from adverse weather and other contaminents that may affect the measurements.

The windshield on the outdoor microphone has a protective coating which allows it to resist rain.

The robust, lockable case contains the sound level meter and a battery pack capable of powering the instrument for 5 days. A further battery pack can be added quickly to extend the operation to 12 days and the battery packs can be hot-swapped for uninterrupted operation.


Remote data download & GPS location

The internal modem in the CK:680 kit allows the optimus to communicate with the NoiseTools software remotely over a 3G/GPRS connection.


The instrument can be configured remotely and measurement data downloaded into the NoiseTools database.


This can also be used by the optimus to send alerts via SMS, Email and/or Twitter when the Acoustic Fingerprint™ detection templates are triggered.


The CK:680 also contains GPS system which allows the position of the noise measurement to be recorded and stored with the noise data. The GPS signal is also used to ensure that the clock in the sound level meter is accurate.

CK:690 for the US/Canada


For the US & Canada, the CK:690 is supplied as an alternative to the CK:680. This unit contains an FFC/PTCRB approved modem. All other functions and capabilities are the same as for the CK:680.

  • Specification

    • Fully weather protected outdoor noise measurement kit
    • Remote download of measurement data over 3G/GPRS connection
    • GPS location data stored with each measurement
    • Automatic synchronisation of the instrument clock to the GPS time signal
    • Live alerts via Email, SMS or Twitter when an Acoustic Fingerprint template is activated
    • Provides weather protection for an optimus green sound level meter & microphone
    • Hydrophobically coated windshield for optimum weather protection
    • Battery power for 6 days operation with one standard battery pack (supplied)
    • Additional battery pack provides an additional 5 days power for up to 10 days operation
    • External power connection for longer operation
    • Secure lockable case with space for all standard instrument accessories
    • Standard 10m microphone cable
    • Optional microphone extension cables up to 100m
    • Optional tripod available
  • Downloads

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