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Micro IV

Micro IV


Single-gas detector with data-logger

The single-gas detector Micro IV is the systematic further development of the gas detector Micro III with its proven function and safety aspects. Extra functionality enabling also the reliable documentation of work performed in hazardous areas is added. The small and light single-gas detector is the perfect solution for detecting and immediate reporting toxic gases, oxygen and hydrogen. The large display allows a direct and easy reading of gas concentrations. The integrated data logger records all events: gas concentration with time, respective alarm level (1, 2 or 3) and the average values for the short-time and long-time values. An infrared interface can be used to directly transfer the data to the docking station after usage.

  • Product Info

    • Data-logging
    • Infrared interface for data communication to dockingstations
    • Continuous storage of data without PC
    • Continuous display of gas concentration
    • Up to 6 months continuous operation with only one AA battery
    • Simple bump check and calibration via the Dockingstation (option)
    • Attachable motorised pump (accessories)

  • Models

    Oxygen O2

    Hydrogen Sulphide H2S

    Carbon monoxide CO 

    Nitrogen monoxide NO 

    Ammonia NH3

    Hydrogen cyanide HCN

    Hydrogen chloride HCl

    Sulfur dioxide SO2

    Hydrogen H2

    Ethylene Oxide C2H4O 

    Silane SiH4 

    Phosphine PH3

    Tetrahydrothiophene THT

    Hydrogen fluoride HF

    Phosgene COCl2

    Nitrogen dioxide NO2

    Chlorine Cl2 

    Ozone O3

    Chlorine Dioxide ClO2

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