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MiniRae 3000

MiniRae 3000


Whether for industrial hygiene, leak detection, or HazMat response, the MiniRAE 3000 delivers the most advanced VOC monitoring capabilities on the market. With a photoionization detector (PID) that has an extended detection range from 0-15,000 ppm, a rapid three-second response time, built-in correction factors for more than 200 compounds, and patented auto-cleaning sensor technology, the MiniRAE 3000 can measure more chemicals faster and more accurately than any other PID available.


The powerful sample pump draws through up to 100 feet of tubing horizontally or vertically. And the optional built-in Mesh Radio enables real-time monitoring of instrument readings wirelessly. Another option is Bluetooth, which can relay readings and alarm status up to 2 miles to a RAELink 3 wireless transmitter. A built-in flashlight to help navigate in darker environments and an IP 65/67 dust-tight and water-proof housing all add up to a device that performs reliably even in harsh conditions.

  • Product Info

    • Proven PID technology - The patented sensor provides the following unique features:
      • A 3-second response time
      • Extended range up to 15,000 ppm with improved linearity
      • Humidity compensation with inbuilt humidity and temperature sensors
    • Real-time wireless data transmission with built-in RF modem or Bluetooth.
    • Design for service Easy access to lamp and sensor in seconds without tools.
    • Big Graphic display for easy overview of gas type, Correction Factor and concentration.
    • Field interchangeable battery pack in second's without tools.
    • Integrated Flash Light for better view in dark conditions
    • User friendly screens including plot view chart view
    • Inbuilt full RAE Systems 350 compounds correction factors list measure more chemicals than any other PID
    • Multilanguage support with 10 languages encoded
    • Rugged housing withstands use in harsh environments
      • IP67 Waterproof design for easy cleaning and decontamination in water
      • Strong protective removable Rubber Boot.


    • View real-time sensor data and alarm status at headquarters or command Center
    • Automatic lamp type recognition
    • Duty-cycling™ lamp and sensor autocleaning technology
    • Tough, flexible inlet Flexi-Probe™
    • Large 3 keys operable with 3 layers of gloves
    • Strong, built-in sample pump draws up to 100 feet (30m) horizontally or vertically
    • Loud 95 dB audible alarm
    • Bright red flashing visual alarm
    • Interchangeable Drop-In Lithium-ion and alkaline battery packs
    • Charging cradle doubles as an external battery charger
    • Compatible with AutoRAE™ calibration station
    • ProRAE Remote software simultaneously controls and displays readings for up to 64 remote detectors
    • License free, ISM band RF transmission with communication range up to 500 feet 2 miles (with optional)
    • Optional RAELink III modem provides GPS capability to track and display readings from remote detectors as well as 2 miles long distance transmission
    • Data logging with up to 6 months of data at one-minute intervals
    • 3-year 10.6eV lamp Warranty
  • Models

    • 9.8eV lamp for benzene and TVOC
    • 10.6eV lamp for TVOC
    • 11.7eV lamp for TVOC
  • Comes With

    • MiniRAE 3000 Monitor, Model PGM-7320
    • Wireless communication module built in, as specified
    • Datalogging with ProRAE Studio II Package
    • Charging/download adapter
    • RAE UV lamp, as specified
    • Flex-I-Probe™
    • External filter
    • Rubber boot
    • Alkaline battery adapter
    • Lamp-cleaning kit
    • Tool kit
    • Operation CD-ROM
    • Operation and Maintenance manual
    • Soft leather case
  • Downloads

  • Technical Information Help Sheets

  • Product Videos

  • Delivery

    We aim to Delivery products with you within 4 weeks of receipt of order. However, in exceptional circumstances delivery may be up to 6 weeks due to manufacturer lead times. Please inform us if you require fast delivery as we will do our utmost to expedite your order.

  • Quantity Orders

    Please contact us directly to discuss quantity purchases and additional discounts.  We will subsequently provide you with a formal quote with the applied discount, which will be valid for 30 days 

  • Hire

    Many of the products you have seen are available for hire, so feel free to contact us if you would prefer to hire this instrument.

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