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HSE: Independence given to FFI dispute process

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has confirmed that disputed invoices raised under the fee for intervention (FFI) cost recovery scheme will be considered by a fully independent panel from 1 September.

All disputes will now be considered by a lawyer – acting as chair – and two others who have practical experience of management of health and safety, the regulator has said.

HSE made the change following a six week public consultation. In the past, disputes were considered by a panel with two HSE members and one independent.

Sensible changes

A spokesman for HSE said: “We have consistently said that we would keep the dispute process under review, and are making sensible changes following the consultation and in light of four years’ experience of running fee for intervention.

“The revised process also provides greater clarity about the information which HSE will give to businesses to allow them to make appropriate representations to the dispute panel.”

The HSE say revised guidance on the new process is available on their website.

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